An Adventure To The Enchanted Forest!


The girl on the picture was rubbing her navy blue eyes. The beautiful gold sun was directly on her pale arm. Her pale arm was starting to get read as a sun burn. She was getting sweatier and sweatier as the sun came out. The girl on the picture was standing in the spinach green herbs looking at the beautiful pear green trees. Holding on to a sharp potato brown branch I her right hand.

She was wearing a blanched almond long skirt and an inky bleu top with a cream cheese white shirt under her top. Her beautiful camel brown hair was tied up in a bun to get it out of her way.

Image result for marc aurele de foy suzor cote painting with blonde girlAt first it was a cloudless, but then she sniffled an earthy smell. It started to poor some rain outside. The sky was now stormy sea grey. The rain refreshed her. Then she saw the beautiful pear green trees starting to droop. A few moments later bam! A severe tornado started to come towards her. She dropped her potato brown branch. Crunch! It broke in half. She was going to sit down on the floor to get some rest but the ground was too hard, and bumpy.

When the sun came out the pear green trees stopped drooping and her skirt and top was dry and comfortable. Then she gave a half smile, because she was sad that the airy smell of the rain went away. A few moments after enjoying the dry land she heard a rattle. She found a ginormous snake. Later on she found a family of gooey snails. She blinked and the snake was gone, and the snails were gone too. She turned around and she saw a branch brown deer with cream cheese white tiny antlers. After seeing the deer her adventure in the enchanted forest was officially over.

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Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts Shepherdess at Vallangoujard By Marc-Aurele de Foy Suzor-Cote

International Student Blogging Challenge

Hello world, today I will be writing about the International Student Blogging Challenge. The International Student Blogging Challenge is very simple. So, people from all around the world come and see your blog every weeks for a couple of weeks and I will be posting something new every week. The challenge starts March 5th.

I will be commenting every week to other people in other countries and they will be commenting me back. It will be a very exciting challenge for me to go in blogs of people all around the world, just like in Australia and Ireland. You can register on a site called Student Blogging Challenge.
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My Favorite Sport

Today I will be talking about my favorite sport. If you want to know what is my favorite sport continue reading.

My favorite sport is basket ball. My favorite sport is basket ball because you get to run and its good cardio. I am in a basket ball team with my best friend Hailey. I am in a basket ball team called les Sentinelles de Rousillons. I love my team. We played a couple of games now. We did not play a lot of games because it is our first year playing together. I also like playing basket ball because it is fun. The age of our team are 4th grade to 6th grade. Continue reading

Do I Have Pets?

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Ola, today I will be talking about my pets. So to start of with my blog post I will tell you the name and the kind of animal I have. I have two dogs, about 30 guppies, and finally I have one lizard. After telling you the kind of animals I will tell you the […]

Awesome Comments | Post under construction

Hi everybody, today I will be showing you some comments that I left on other blogs from USA and England. I really liked their blogs so if you want to check out some blogs try those blogs. So now I will show you some examples:

Hello Beki, I did not know how to make a yarn ball. I am definetly going to try it out. I always wanted to know how to make a yarn ball. And now I know how.

Have a great day! Your friend Maddy


  1. Hello Emily,
    I read your post and I really liked the way you presented it. I do not know how you color the letters. It’s awesome! I love winter to. I also have blue eyes just like you. Flowers smell so good. My favorite kind of flower are daisy’s. What about you.

Have a great day! Your friend Maddy


MISSING example of good comment someone made on your blog or on another blogs.

And those were the comments I had left on their blogs. I really enjoyed commenting on those blogs.

And now I will be talking about what is a good comment or what makes a good comment is. So the comments that I like to read are comments that relate to my post, I love that. I also like it when people take their time to write a  comment, not just when people write I liked your post. Best blog ever! That is not a good comment that is a bad comment. I like it when people greet and salutate. Comments are good to express your expression about the post you just read.

And those were some tips to make a good post. Comment me if you have more tips to make a good blog post.


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